Thursday, February 26, 2015

Canterbury Area Festival 2017

The Canterbury Area of Creative Fibre are proposing to run a festival in 2017.  They are looking for input from us and volunteers to do some of the work.  They want our group to consider and give feedback on the following (Feedback to

1.Do we want a full festival or an event? Don’t know
2.Theme – do we want to have a theme if so what ideas do you have?
3.The dates as discussed at the Jan meeting are   20 – 23 April 2017. Are you in agreement with these dates?  If not what alternative dates are suggested?
4.Venue – St Margarets College has been booked.  This is a central location very handy for accommodation (motels etc)
5.Key members for the Festival Committee.  Please enter the names of persons willing to take on these roles  Convenors:  It may be an idea to have two Convenors, Secretary, Treasurer, The Area Delegate is part of the committee
6.Consider also people for:   (we have had some offers but nothing has been confirmed yet; Education, Exhibition, Fashion event, Registrations, Trades, Hospitality / goodie bags, Publicity information, There will also be additional roles as things get established, from these names the Area will elect a Festival Committee.
7.Please discuss and offer suggestions about activities etc we could offer, which could include: Tours, Displays, Transport, Actions, Entertainment, Website
Once Executive approval has been gained, these topics should be decided upon to allow the Committee to proceed with planning a programme.
8.Future Festival meetings-Does a week day meeting suit everyone involved? 
Would alternating meetings, weekday with weekend suit better?  If so what day and time would suit?
Thank you all for your input.

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