Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Textile and Fibre Arts Exhibition

“Look, touch, experience”
Advance notice. Eastside Gallery 31st July – 12th August 2017.

We (TAFAN) will be seeking your work to display in the Open category. Anything you are pleased with that has been made in the last two years and not exhibited elsewhere. Edgy experimental work most welcome, and yes with your permission, some works will be touchable. Textiles are so tactile and we all love to touch.

The challenge for 2017 will be ‘Transitions - from old to new’. This theme is in keeping with the philosophy of Eastside Gallery that has an annual recycling exhibition. So rescue that old jersey, blanket, table cloth, shirt, scraps, wool oddments, found items etc., and create something new and exciting. Any size, any shape, but if free standing must be able to stand unsupported.

Groups will be offered their own little space to exhibit their work. So far, Christchurch Needlework Guild and Southern Felters have expressed interest in this.

Demonstrators/Tutors are sought to do demos and short 2 hour workshops.

Week one. Demonstrations of skills and techniques of any of our arts and crafts. Think short demos, up to one hour, that can be repeated. Ideas so far are knitting socks on circular or four needles, felting, spinning silk, embroidery stitches, weaving demo, easy machine piecing etc. Half to one hour maximum. One for morning and one for afternoon.

Week 2. Tutors sought for short classes of up to 2 hours. These will be advertised in 2017 as we didn’t get a very big response in 2015.

Photographs of your work are sought!
Our Network brochure will be updated early next year and we want your photos to pretty it up. This can be any item of your work. - something you are really pleased with. It doesn’t have to be an award winner. If you are pleased with it we want to see it. Work in light and bright colours that photograph well is preferred. Send a full photo and close up if appropriate. Send as an attachment to Julie Devlin,

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