Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fibre Creations exhibition - Conditions of Entry

Fibre Creations  16th – 25th September 2016 
Visitor Lounge   Canterbury Museum, Rolleston Avenue, Christchurch
Opening             Thursday 17th September 2016 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm
Entry Fees          $6.00 per entry (item for sale), $12.00 per entry (item not for sale)
Exhibitors must be Canterbury residents and current members of the NZSWWS.  Entries, with entry fees and entry forms may be brought to 5 Harkness  Place, Christchurch .(Ph. 3423077) by September 9.. (please make cheques out to – Canterbury Area NZSWWS).  No late entries will be accepted.
Selection will take place on Saturday .10- September.  The Selectors are Ria van Lith, Mary Catharine Jackson and Lynette Hartley
Unselected articles may be collected from 5 Harkness Place on Monday September 12.  Unsold exhibits should be collected from the Canterbury Museum on Sunday 25 September or from 5 Harkness Place on Monday September26.  Any natural yarn or fibre may be used with no more than 25% synthetic fibre.  If entering handspun yarn or handwoven fabric, please state end use.  Please state if your yarn is handspun Jerseys and cardigans that are for sale need to have a care label sewn in.  Wall hangings and rugs must have provision for hanging.  If you are not using an original design, please acknowledge your source.  Please enclose your entry in a clearly named cloth or plastic bag.  All prices must be in complete dollars, to include 25% commission. Exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance. 
All care is taken but no responsibility  If you have any enquiries please contact the Exhibition Convenor, Sandra Dain, ph 03 342 3077, email

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