Monday, October 19, 2015

Summary of Southern Felters activities over the last few months

Southern Felters: At the end of September five members of the Southern Felters Group made the trip up to Auckland to attend the Southern Hemispheres Feltmakers Convergence in Parnell. Four days of fantastic felting fun, excellent workshops, felting displays/exhibition and traders selling fibre and felting related goodness. There were 136 felters mainly from NZ and Australia but some other countries as well. I thought it was very well run, credit to the Auckland team that organised it. I particularly enjoyed the International Canadian tutor, Fiona Duthies, workshops.

October 3rd was the last meeting of the year held at Halswell Hall for the Southern Felters group. It was timed to coincide with International Felt United Day There were 7 felters there for the day and several others who stopped in. Sadly a couple of us were still travelling back from the Convergance, but from all accounts the day went well. Our blog has been updated with some photos of the Convergence, info on upcoming events. Several of our group are helping at the Textile and Fibre Network Exhibition and we have plans to perhaps have a stall at the Halswell Market to sell members items and promote the Southern Felters group.The dates for the 2016 felting days at  Halswell Hall are also listed on the Blog. We welcome new people to our felting days which are very informal. We have no tuition but bring our own projects to do. There is a $10 door charge to cover the hall hire.

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