Sunday, November 30, 2014

Glenroy Felters retreat

Well, another long weekend of felting and no housework is over.  It was fantastic with good company and great food.  Two of our stalwart felters didn't make it at the last minute this year and we all missed them.  We worked on a communal project with everyone providing a pre-felt and spending time rolling. See the photos.  We created two beautiful rugs and have given one of them to Ralda Williamson with our Get Well thoughts.  Isla Clark also sent back the felted flowers we made for her last year.  She has attached them to the flowery felt background we made and she wanted us to see the finished result.  See the photo of this as well.

Thank you to Carole who did the emailing and paperwork to organise the weekend.  Victoria is having a well earned break after starting the first Genroy felters retreat in 2011 and organised it every year since (not quite single handedly, but nearly).  Thank you Victoria.

The next 4 day retreat at glenroy is planned for 15 - 18 May 2015.  Get in touch with Carole if you want to go on the list for information.  At this stage there is not going to be a November weekend next year as the Glenroy camp is fully booked.

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